Monday, May 23, 2011


Kalaunuiohua, Kaua, and Ryder
(Photo courtesy of Ryan)

Kaua:  Cuzzes, you evah get da kine feeling like we bin heah befo?

Ryder:  Wat you talking about, Kalau?

Kalau:  Yeah, Cuz...what Cuz said!

Kaua:  No, fo real!

Ryder:  Did Unko Charlie geev you da kine funny mushroom fo lunch today?

Kalau:  Yeah, Cuz...what Cuz said!

Kaua:  No-no-no-no-no!  I serious, fellahs!  Come on! You guys musta had dat know, da kine where you go WHOA, I BIN HEAH BEFO!

Kalau:  Yeah, I get dat feeling 4 times a day now...I one beeg boy dese days, and I eat mo' so I stay regulah!  On schedule like one Amtrak train! Plus, da poi ack like one laxative!

(Ryder and Kalau bust out laughing.  Kaua pretends he's annoyed but gets caught up in the moment and starts chuckling.  This only causes Ryder and Kalau to bellow uncontrollably in laughter, and the three cousins fall off the sofa, still laughing as they dogpile each other.  Suddenly, with a start, Kaua sits up on the living room floor.)

Kaua:  I'm serious as a haht attack.  Guys, we bin heah befo! And I tink I know wheah.  I just don't know when. It was a long time ago.

Ryder:  Wow, Cuz!  Da look in yo me chicken skin!

Kalau:  Yeah, Cuz...what Cuz said!

Kaua:  Okay, tell you what!  You guys game fo try someting new?

Ryder:  Sure, Cuz!  Count me in!

Kalau:  Yeah, me, too!

Kaua:  Okay, good.  Let's hold hands.  Good!  Now, let's close our eyes.  Both eyes, Kalau!  Good!  Now, make yo brain go empty.

Ryder:  Dats easy fo me!

Kalau:  Me, too! 

Kaua:  Okay, our minds stay empty.  We wait for a few minutes now...

(The parents, grandparents, and family matriarch--G-GMA, or great-grandmother--enter the living room and find the three infants fast asleep with big smiles on their faces.)

G-GMA:  Chee!  Look how cute, yeah?  I wondah what they dreaming about?

The Three Cousins--
Kalaunuiohua, Kaua, and Ryder
In the days of yore when the South Pacific region of Atlantis became Polynesia
(Photo courtesy of Ryan)

Ryder:  Yeeeeehaaaaaa!

Kalau:  Wow, Cuz, you were right!  

Kaua:  Yep!  I just knew it!  Da tree of us bin togetha for a long, long time!

HEY!  Who just nipped my tail!  KALAU!  RYDER!  Wait till I catch you guys!  

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