Friday, November 2, 2012

Lords of the Fly 1 Cent Auctions on ebay

Beatles Trading Cards, ca 1964
Hawaiian Odysseus Photo

Special Holiday Fun for our Enthusiastic Buyers
Welcome to our eba
1 cent auction!

Are we NUTS? 

The simple answer is: Yes, we are! We're absolutely nuts about our terrific ebabuyers, and at this very special time of year, we're inviting you to engage in some old-fashioned ebaholiday frivolity.

In celebrating the conclusion of our twelfth year on this wonderful global marketplace, we'll be tossing in a penny auction from time to time from Halloween evening through New Year's Day, 2013. So please check back with us often, and let's all have a great time commemorating the good fun days of founder Pierre Omidyar; first employee, Chris Agarpao; and the brilliant President and CEO, Meg Whitman.

Up on our penny auction block tonight, we have...


And so begins our 2012 holiday campaign on ebay! 

What better way to do so than to go retro with a penny auction emphasis!

Sprinkled throughout our usual store and auction offerings will be a handful of spicy and saucy 1 cent listings. It's a great way to thank our loyal customer base while appealing to the curiosity and sense of intrigue of new visitors to our online site. You can find us at:

Penny auctions are the exception rather than the rule these days. Administrative changes on ebay, the topsy-turvy global economy, a more sophisticated and internet-savvy shopper, and a tremendous surge in online marketplace choices have all contributed to a greater emphasis on Buy it Now prices that are set as well as higher starting amounts for auctions.

At Lords of the Fly, a mom and pop ebay shop for a dozen years now, we believe in honoring tradition. That's why we're very excited to provide our customers with a nostalgic, fun, and what we hope to be  successful business strategy--the 1 cent auction! 

The penny auction campaign kicked off on Halloween night and will run through New Year's Day, 2013.

Obviously, we're not giving any credence to the Mayan calendar issue. No disrespect to the Mayans or their wonderful descendants, mind you. On the contrary, we'd love to have all interested Mayans participating in our penny auctions. And while we're on the subject, if anyone has the last known Mayan calendar and would like to make a generous commission, we'd love to be your ebay Trading Assistant.

So where's the action at? Right here, at Lords of the Fly on ebay!