Sunday, September 16, 2012

Makalehua--An eBay Adventure in Island Couture and Collectibles

Sig Zane Medium Fuchsia Dress
It's mid-September, and I'm feeling autumn's chill slowly making its way into the Walla Walla Valley.

Like a tentative pubescent high school boy tripping over his size eleven shoes as he scans the gym floor for the one girl that might say yes to a dance request, the ambience of golden leaves, pumpkins, weekend football games, and the donning of coats and sweatshirts approaches timidly.

It's that time of year when I start thinking, I want to be in Hawai'i for Christmas.

Chances are you've had similar thoughts sometime this year. Maybe you've been to the island several times and have enough warm memories tugging at you to repeat the experience yet one more time.

Or maybe you've never been to pacific paradise and are telling yourself, If I don't go now, I'll never go.

Whatever the case may be, take it from me, you don't want to waste precious time and maybe some embarrassing situations and, most of all, any of your hard-earned money buying your island wear after you get to the islands. No, even a former Kaua'i boy like myself knows better than to pull out the vintage Magnum, P.I. aloha shirt clones and old jeans from storage. Besides, they'd no longer fit my, shall we say, more mature manly build (read: sexagenarian fat man).

Perish the though of procrastination. Now you can be well prepared at a fraction of the cost and, for the price of a handful of dinners and movies, have a week's (or even two weeks') worth of 50th state wardrobe before boarding that flight to the islands.

How? By clicking on the following link and treating yourself to a delightful and aesthetically pleasing line of pre-worn yet very high class Hawaiian attire at a fraction of their original prices:

Manuheali'i Women's Size Small Dress
The personable and down-to-island Mom and Pop team of Makalehua is a relatively new presence on the gargantuan eBay global marketplace, but they're definitely leaving some giant menehune (pardon the oxymoron) tracks in the wake of their fledgling entrepreneurial success.

The simple reason? They practice the old school protocol of excellent customer service--intelligent sourcing of an appealing product line, great communication, superb hygienic preparation and care of their pre-worn clothing items, a sprinkling of outstanding Pacific Islander and Asian collectibles, very reasonable prices, and super fast shipping. 

Vintage Reyn spooner 100% Silk Aloha Shirt

Makalehua has 100% positive feedback. Their customers are extremely satisfied with the par excellence service. Here's some of their feedback:

Excellent shape, hard to tell if it was used at all. Great deal! I love it!

Great seller. Super fast, cheerful and honest! Mahalo!

A++++ all the way: lovely dress, as desc, fast ship; highly recommend seller; thx

No ka oi eBay seller!!!!!!!!!!


Very nice eBayer with fast transaction and nice items.

Got it!! Thanks for this great item at a great price and an easy transaction!!

For a comprehensive look at their feedback rating and most current customer raves, you can visit:

Sig Zane Small Linen Fuchsia Jacket or Blouse 
If Hawaiiana is your thing, Makalehua offers a spicy eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary collectibles along with their entree clothing line. Here are a few examples:

Vintage Asian Tea Set in Woven Basket
Japanese Cranes Lacquered Plate, 7-3/4"
Ritz Carlton Hotel Silver HEPP Exclusive Silver Plated Water Pitchers
Maybe you want to go to the islands but the budget just isn't right for making the trip this year. Treat yourself to a healthy compromise, then, and make MAKALEHUA your cyber vacation stop for your holiday shopping needs. 

At the very least, you'll be prepared for presenting the special people in your life with an exquisite array of choice gifts.

At best, you'll definitely be at the head of the class, dressed in your Makalehua clothing and looking beachcomber spiffy for next year's trip to the wonderful Islands of Aloha!

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