Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Kilauea Lighthouse
(Photo courtesy of Ryan)

It's time.

Time to revel in my daughter's graduation from high school.

Time for me to celebrate my son's graduation with a dual master's degree.

Time, after 33 years, for me to have a reunion with my father.

Time, surprisingly, to acknowledge and affirm my personal growth.

Time to go home.

My Lighthouse has always faithfully illuminated the way home.  

My Moral Compass has always pointed True North.

And I, true to my fallible knuckleheaded ways, haven't always been obedient or compliant or willing to listen.  Consequently, on many an occasion, I have lost my way.  

Funny thing is, the Lighthouse mysteriously, supernaturally, and always...ALWAYS!...with great compassion, in a manner not unlike an internal Global Positioning System, suggests a correction of sorts.  And, fortunate for me, there have actually been times when I have heeded the correction.

At my age and graciously blessed with lessons learned from chronic disobedience and follow-up correction, I grow weary of traveling down bramble paths that lead to nowhere...of stumbling on dense rootage, especially the kind I don't readily see at first...or, if I do see it, lack the ability to recognize the camouflaged deception.

At long last, however, some of that proverbial wisdom in my teeth has finally reached my brain.

Simply put, my success in the autumn of my life has been directly proportional to the amount of times I've paid attention to the arena of light cast by the Lighthouse at the top of the cliff.

For example, one major decision that came about by being mindful of the clarion call of the Lighthouse was to engage in the writing of this blog.  As alluded to in a number of this writer's posts, there are three journeys for Hawaiian Odysseus:  the journey to home of origin; the journey to nuclear home; and the journey home to self.  Faithful readers of this blog will encounter familiar, nostalgic, and spiritually resonant chords as they peruse my posts.  The journeys of Hawaiian Odysseus, after all, are the journeys of Everyman.

June will be a month when the journeys align--i.e., when the events mentioned in the first five lines of this post occur--and it should be a veritable feeding ground for the crazy, silly, and daredevil cells in my brain that are assigned to blog-writing duty.

Stay tuned.  

For now, I bask in the nurturing and enduring radiance, an ever present gift from the Lighthouse at the top of the cliff.

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