Saturday, May 21, 2011


Tako Drying in the Sun
(Photo courtesy of Silas Kaumakahia Aqui)

One of my most popular posts to date addresses the God-given penchant of my brother, Charlie, for capturing octopus (TAKO in Japanese; HE'E in Hawaiian).

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Weather patterns all over the world have been helter skelter, and Hawaii has definitely been no exception.  But now that the glorious sun has shown its face more consistently over The Garden Isle, Charlie put his makeshift drying kit together and set it outside in the yard.  Tentacled legs and mantle pieces are evenly placed between two screens with boarded foundations.  The rest is up to the sun.

The dried octopus, like its beef or turkey counterparts, is an excellent snack or PUPU (Hawaiian for hors d'oeuvre).  It is an excellent source of protein and a catalyst for the saliva glands.  

If the weather is mellow and the ocean action off the southeast shore of Kauai remains calm tomorrow, Charlie will join my brother, Glenn, and Glenn's son, Jared, on a deep sea fishing expedition.  They will be fishing for AKU (bonito), PAPIO and ULUA (respectively, juvenile and mature trevally or jackfish), and other deep sea fish.

Next month, my brothers and I, along with our sister and her family and relatives will have a much  anticipated reunion with our father who lives on the east coast.

This will be a wonderful occasion for everyone, but it will be especially huge for my dad and me because we haven't seen each other for thirty-three years!

Hopefully, the brothers will be blessed with an abundant catch.  Dried aku is quite a delicacy. Together, with the dried tako and other Hawaiian delights, and always accompanied by poi, we'll have a grand time catching up on good times and sharing sweet memories.

Vintage Hawaiian--life at its best!

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