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KaiMalia Lin
(Photo courtesy of Glenn and Linda)

"The fish and I were both stunned and disbelieving to find ourselves connected by a line."    --William Humphrey in "The Armchair Angler"

I am blessed with family members who are extraordinary in their humble origins and simple lifestyles. Readers of my two blogs are familiar with Braddah Charlie, the local boy octopus hunter (http://hawaiianodysseus.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-brother-charlie-excellent-octopus.html), fisherman (http://hawaiianodysseus.blogspot.com/2011/04/kanaka-salute-to-real-heroes-of-kauai.html), and master craftsman (http://hawaiianodysseus.blogspot.com/2011/05/braddah-charlies-portable-fish-cleaning.html).

Now I'd like you to meet my Braddah Glenn Kuhina.  

Recently, Glenn, his lovely wife, Linda, and their son, Jared, purchased a fishing boat.  Naming it KaiMalia Lin (see Linda's Facebook comment below regarding the origin of the name), the family looked forward to great adventures with deep sea fishing and ocean cruising someday.  They did some work on it, the last project involving intense challenges with the engine.  The family project--always a great vehicle for supergluing those precious familial ties.  One of the greatest compliments I could ever pay each of my three younger brothers--in spite of my neglect in telling them enough--is a mention of just how very much they've taught and mentored me, the oldest brother, over the years.

I've been metaphorically hurdling the Pacific Ocean with the passionate posting on this blog and hawaiianodysseus2.blogspot.com for the past five months--one figurative foot on Kauai and the other here in Seattle.  The experience has enriched my awareness of and immense gratitude for my family of origin.

So when I was able to view the latest images that Linda had posted to Facebook, I was really jazzed and happy for my brother, Glenn, and his family.

Glenn had been on his own personal odyssey of self-discovery, and so--just as he and all of my family have done for me over the past four decades--I was a staunch and faithful prayer warrior, supportive friend, and always, always, always a nostalgic big brother.  The split screen in my Fall Season mind found me "watching movies"  in both the present reality AND the small kid times of yesteryear.

This latest chapter--DAS BOOT, Hawaiian style--instigated primal stirrings within me.  Our father had been a very good fisherman--adept in spearfishing, fish and lobster net setting, Hawaiian throw net, surf fishing, fish trap setting, and reef torching.  But our family of origin never had the resources with which to obtain a fishing boat.

So it is very good as well as motivating to see Braddah Glenn and his family collaborate on the purchase, usage of, and dedication to this recreational as well as pragmatic pastime.  If it is the natural inclination of each generation to transcend its predecessor, then the involvement with this gorgeous seafaring boat is a quantum leap for my brother and his loved ones.

At this juncture, I want to share with you a Facebook exchange I had with Glenn's wife regarding the name of the boat.

My nephew, Jared, in the Captain's Seat
(Photo courtesy of Glenn and Linda)
Me:  Glenn and Linda, what's the story behind the name of the boat?  It's a beauty, by the way! Congratulations!  I know you guys are gonna put it to good use--both fishing and sailing!

Linda:  Hi, Joe - when Glenn was thinking of what to name the boat, he had already thought of naming it EmmaAmme (in honor of the twins)...I reminded him that our river boat is already named after the grandchildren; so he gave me the task of naming the boat...there are actually three names - Kai, (for Jared's girlfriend, Kainoa, and because Jared is a part owner); Malia (Jennifer's middle name); and Lin (after me, and since I'M the REAL captain! haha)

KaiMalia Lin, side view
(Photo courtesy of Glenn and Linda)

So, you may be wondering, did they ever take the boat out to go fishing?

I'm going to let each of the following pictures speak a thousand words plus for you.

Cast of KaiMalia Lin--Jared, Glenn, and Riley
With Great Supporting Actors--30-lb Mahimahi,  Ulua, and 10 Aku

God blessed these men on the maiden voyage with an abundant catch.  I am very happy for their success on this, the very first fishing trip aboard the KaiMalia Lin!

The Proud Skipper with His Prize Catch
(Photo courtesy of Glenn and Linda)

Naturally, each crew member gets to pose with the monster fish of the day...first up, Jared!

Like Father, Like Son
(Photo courtesy of Glenn and Linda)

Brother Riley, below, is a good family friend.  You know he'll want a slab of this magnificent and delicious fish!

  Calabash Cousin and Mahimahi Wrangler, Riley
(Photo courtesy of Glenn and Linda)

Congratulations to Braddah Glenn and his beautiful family for their successful maiden fishing trip!  May God bless you with many more abundant catches and--in the process--keep your family safe, happy, and forever intact!  It has been an  honor for me to have chronicled in word and shared images this memorable family venture!

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