Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Surfer at Beach in Hanalei
(Photo courtesy of Ryan)

Recently, this writer was pleased to get some positive, in-person feedback from a reader of Hawaiian Odysseus who had been moved to share with her husband the blog post entitled, "Could I Have Just One More Season With Her, Lord?"  

I wrote this piece from the perspective of a parent.  What's interesting is that this woman wanted to share this particular post with her husband because he is the adult child experiencing his mother's reluctance to let go.  By reading the parent's perspective, the young wife believed that her husband would be better able to understand his mother's motivation(s) and thus respond in a compassionate as well as boundary-oriented way.  This process of empathy truly takes us a lot further along in our personal journeys.

It was a delight to know that there had been this positive difference in others' lives as a result of reading our blog.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, it can be difficult for this writer to transcend the realm of introspection to the reality of transferring those lightning bolts onto the written page.  

Brainstorm?  Ha!  It's more like BLITZKRIEG!

So, to encapsulate today's message, I want to encourage each of you, as I have been encouraged, to get past the texts and the tweets and the abbreviated Facebook  messages and communicate via the old fashioned way...WRITE YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS DOWN USING COMPLETE SENTENCES.

Maybe, just maybe, you'll get lucky and find that magical moment when your creativity powerfully takes you over...and, whoa! hang on, my friends! because that's when this incredible and overwhelming mystic wave takes you for the ride of your life. 

Here's to you and the awesome power of your written words! 


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