Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

A Bullfrog Stuffed into a Black & White Burrito?
I've been on blogging hiatus for far too long, so it's high time I get my writing act in gear and share my world with you. As some of you may already know, I love rambling in this venue about family, simple island boy philosophy, walking, writing itself, and--yes!--my livelihood, selling online, especially on eBay.

Yesterday, following going twelve rounds in the proverbial ring with tax returns, I found time to write a couple of posts for a favorite writing site of mine. I'm sharing the links below for your reading enjoyment. As time goes by, I'll be doing more of that, having discovered that in the sharing of what little I know about selling online, I'm able to learn and discover so much more in return from my readers. And that, my friends, includes YOU!

Here we go, then. Have fun, and have an absolutely delightful and memorable Valentine's Day weekend! And, don't forget, if you're so moved, please send me your comments and questions.


Joe aka Hawaiian Odysseus

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