Monday, July 18, 2011


Mukilteo Ferry
(Hawaiian Odysseus photos)

A large ferry approaching the dock at Mukilteo, Washington, is a formidable sight.  It's a memorable icon indelibly planted in one's brain long after the experience is over.

For me, it's a symbol of something good finally coming home to rest in one's life.

A new beginning.

A new adventure.

A new opportunity.

My ship has docked.  How about yours?

I've worked hard all my life...and, for the most part, I've worked hard for other people.  

From picking pineapples to fishing to tutoring math and science to digging ditches to electrical apprenticing to selling door to door to washing cars to attending parking lots to writing to working in institutional kitchens to baking breads and bagels to selling on eBay and Craigslist and a host of other jobs...I've amassed a lot of employment experiences...

with nothing to show except a frenzied paycheck to paycheck existence...

until now.

You can work hard for other people all your life.  

Or you can work smart for yourself and have financial freedom.

My ship has come in.  How about yours?

I tell you what, my friend.  There is a lot of room at the dock where my ship is moored.  

You are more than welcome to join me.

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