Wednesday, July 27, 2011



College Place, Washington, a bedroom community just west of the burgeoning wine town of Walla Walla, was recently indelibly penned into regional southeast Washington maps when one of its very own hometown personalities brilliantly attained some major career milestones.

KONA aka KONES or KONESY (this last nickname reserved only for those intimately tied to this famous feline), a graduate of GCU (Garrison Creek University), was appointed today to be the new CEO of Birch Avenue Cats Alliance, a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to spread the good news that you can be vegetarian and neutered and still be a TOMMISH cat.

The dapper, well-groomed gray and black cat reveals his unique strategy in the accompanying photos as to how he moved rapidly up the corporate scale.  "The reason why I've been promoted to Plant Manager,"  meowed Kona, "is because I showed my employers from the early going how well I could plant and manage myself in any kind of chair, but especially the challenging and cushy office chairs."

(Hawaiian Odysseus photos)

We present this special post with tongue in cheek, of course.  Still, there's something to be gained by mimicking Kona's style of working smarter, not harder.

You, too, can be your own boss and make a decent income even as you relax unabashedly on your favorite CEO chair.

Kona has the residual income process down pat.

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