Sunday, March 13, 2011


Mom with one of her prize hibiscus flowers
(Photos courtesy of Silas K. Aqui)

My mom is 77 years young and an incredible example of  ho'oponopono.  Loosely translated, this Hawaiian concept embodies the process of setting things right.  This is the legacy of Mom's life--that in spite of having to bear an unmerited amount of pain, grief, and loss,  she has set a solid example for her descendants on how to maintain a life of dignity, compassion, and aloha no matter what one encounters.

This spirit of ho'oponopono is manifested in the way she continually esteems others before herself, not in a manner of being overly submissive and easily taken advantage of, but--to the contrary--exemplifying strength and respect for self, others, our planet, and God.

Another way she demonstrates the power of redemption and reconciliation in her life is in the manner in which she is a faithful steward of the earth.  I had not seen this part of my mother when I was a young boy still living at home.  She may have acquired a penchant for gardening sometime during the four decades since I left Kauai, or it may have been one of her girlhood interests that lay dormant until she was called to engage with the flora once again.  In any event, when I visited her this past December, I was enthralled with what she had done in her little garden space.

Recently, my brother, Charlie, sent me photos of Mom's hibiscus variants.  I am very happy to share these photos with you and so proud of my mother and her efforts.  What a  privilege to view and appreciate the beauty of Eden!

Check out the beautiful dish artwork.
A slightly different angle.


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