Thursday, March 31, 2011


Kalihiwai Bay, Island of Kauai
(Photo courtesy of Silas K. Aqui)

Hooked on the NFL?

Guess what!  Due to failed negotiation talks between owners and the NFL players' union, there may very well NOT be a pro football season this year.  (Can you hear housewives across America sending up a collective cheer?)

As a man who thoroughly enjoys football at all levels as well as being an avid fan of the Seattle Seahawks (see a humorous post on my sister blog, Hawaiian Odysseus 2:, I have been mesmerized into marking the seasons of my life with the viewing of college and professional sports.  I also confess that there were periods in my life when I struggled with compulsive sports betting, the majority of wagers having to do with professional football.  Perhaps I figured that as long as I didn't change my name to Pete Rose, I was perfectly justified.

I'm thankful that those days are behind me.*  

But my original intent of this post was to offer similarly situated NFL fans (who may not be looking for but may nevertheless be very much in need of) a healthy diversion.  One that's absolutely commercial-free.  One where you don't have to put up with that irritating robot athlete who shows up on your screen with just about every time out.  One where physical activity involves more than getting up from the sofa and walking a few feet to the fridge (and, boy! there'd better be fan-generic food and beverage in there!).  One where you know at the end of the day that you truly are a fanatic because you're at one of  the polar extremes--you're either pleasantly fatigued from the release of all that cathartic energy, or you're somber and depressed because your favorite team stunk up the entire stadium!

My friends, I invite you to take up the spectator AND participant sport of


Everyone knows at least one person in their circle of family, friends, and followers (you know, I like the fact that I've made some progress--albeit late in the afternoon of my life--in becoming more social networking-savvy) who has either participated in fly tying, fly fishing, or both.  

As viewers of my past blog posts are well aware,  my wife and I own a small online eBay business called


At the time of this post, we are selling Tiemco and Dai-Riki fishing hooks only.  My goal by year's end is to triple the store's inventory, eventually carrying other fly tying materials (like furs, feathers, and synthetics); books, DVDs; etc.  As my wife and I enter our retirement years, it'll be great to stay economically as well as socially involved with our faithful and ever-growing customer base.  Plus, I love how wonderful it's been to incorporate my passion for writing (e.g., my two blogs--Hawaiian Odysseus and Hawaiian Odysseus 2) with our small business development.

Anyhow, I want to encourage all couch potatoes--a group of which I am chief!--to at least begin Googling and reading about this fun pastime.  It involves physical activity rather than sedentary channel surfing; it involves sun instead of LED or plasma; it is about memory-preserving pictures rather than pixels; and it could possibly have a little or a lot with injecting more fun and frolic into your marriage or significant relationship.

And--in the beginning as well as throughout your fly fishing career--if we can serve you via our small business, Lords of the Fly, we would be greatly honored and appreciative.

So, who cares if there's no NFL season this year?  Hopefully, like us, you're on your way to not caring, either.

There's more fish to fry...or, going for the touchdown of political correctness, catch and release!


*I always aspire to be fair with those who disagree with my opinions.  In that spirit of equity, then, here is a link for those who are interested:

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  1. Thanks for the kind words on my blog! For some reason they did not show up but at least I got it in my email. All the best of luck on your ebay excursion. What part of Hawaii are you in. I have been twice and did the normal tourist stuff. Diamond head, China mans hat, and of course the Polynesian Culture Center. I went to some waterfall but can't remember the name. I just remember it was a couple mile walk to it. Thanks again buddy! You got a new follower on both your blogs. Also don't be a stranger. You said you wanted to get into selling materials you might want to look into fly tiers dungeon. He does private label on all his materials.