Friday, January 7, 2011


Dylan Watanabe in deep visualization.
(Photo courtesy of Ryan)
(Dylan is in deep thought.  He's been hearing about "The Secret" and is meditating about the possibilities for his future successes.)

I am a three-sport letter man at my high school.
I have a superb grade point average.
I am an outstanding debater and win all kinds of awards.
I apply for and get accepted into a prestigious university.
Because I have several grants and scholarships,
I only have a minimal amount of student loans to pay off.
I am the CEO of a major Fortune 500 company.
My wife is beautiful, and my two children are gorgeous!
My childhood collection of 1000 hot wheels is worth a mint.
I am a Hawaii state legislator aspiring to the U.S. Senate!
I am an outstanding blogger and author of Hawaiiana.
I give back to my community by donating to children's causes.

(Dylan concludes his "Secret" session with the simple yet meaningful thought:

"Good things are going to happen to me now!")

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