Thursday, January 13, 2011


Coconut Plantation, Island of Kauai
(Photo courtesy of Ryan)

It is another schizophrenic morning in downtown Seattle.  

The nagging misty rain, like a stubborn shower spray, has temporarily stopped.  The wind has picked up, as evidenced by Old Glory and the emerald green Washington state flag fluttering in the breeze on the facade of a medium tall building kitty corner from the Starbucks at 4th and Seneca that I'm presently sitting in, sipping on a lukewarm venti drip.

I miss Kauai, and I miss my family of origin, so very, very much.

Facebook provides me with a respite from this agonizing homesickness.  My son has posted the dozens of beautiful photographs he took when our family went on vacation last month.  I rush to find an image that will grace my work-in-progress blog.

The coconut plantation has been there in Waipouli--halfway between Kapaa and Wailua--for as long as I can remember.  

Seems to me these statuesque vanguards were surrounded by pasture land when I was a little boy (five decades ago).

Today, it is bordered by hotels.

No matter.  I would still prefer to be in the midst of those trees right now instead of these Northwest skyscrapers.

I would love to walk barefoot and feel the combination of dirt and sand squishing through my toes. Here in downtown Seattle, I would never dare walk barefoot.

So many changes...and yet these majestic palm trees still remain. 

Giant stilts.  Prepared, as it were, for the next great tsunami to hit.  

What's the lesson in it for me?


Establish my roots.

Whenever necessary, bend a little.

Weather anything and everything...come what may...and know that I will remain standing.

Even in the meteorological schizophrenia of Seattle.

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