Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meet CARY GRANITE--on eBay

A Piece of Rock I Dubbed Cary Granite
(Hawaiian Odysseus Photo)

An annual phenomenon on eBay is a noticeable slowdown of traffic, perhaps even to the point of a standstill for some sellers, a few days before and after the income tax return filing deadline. 

Rather than pull whatever remaining hair I have left on my coconut, I act the fool and do something off the wall--pupule, as Hawaiians would say--that will simultaneously provoke my competitors and, hopefully, amuse my viewers.

I posted the one week listing early this morning--an unconventional time for a Pacific Northwest eBay seller to submit a listing but, for the other side of the world, a most convenient and thoughtful act on my part. 

The rock is quite heavy, perhaps 5 pounds, and so I'm obliged to use USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box shipping ($11.35 to US addresses; $47.95 to international destinations). 

In keeping with the crazy theme, I'm starting the auction out at a penny. Honestly, I'm gambling that this will also serve to invigorate the lackluster traffic. And if that doesn't work, placing the rock in a large jacket pocket and jumping into the Columbia River just might do the trick.

Then again...a five pound rock won't do diddly squat for my husky islander frame. (Husky sounds better than mildly obese. Yeah, I could've used bathroom scale-challenged, but I'm years away from evolving into a politically correct individual.)

Okay, where in the world was I? Oh, yeah...

If it's true that fads have a way of coming back every few decades or so, than it's high time the pet rock craze made a return, And how appropriate that the loosey-goosey Captain Jack Sparrow of the eBay waters--Hawaiian Odysseus--should be the one to mastermind its comeback. 

If you were able to get to this post prior to the end of the above-mentioned eBay listing (go to eBay and type the following item number into the search window: 160793425135), you'll be able to follow its progress. Or, if you find this blog entry within three months after that date, you'll still be able to search for that number to have a few grins over what ultimately happened with this harebrained scheme.

In any event, it's fun coming up with wild and crazy ways to make a living.

Only on eBay...

Only with yours truly...

Hawaiian Odysseus.

By the way, for more on this particular topic, check out my equally zany article on HubPages. Just click on the link below.



  1. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! I have a question about your blog. HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. Heather, I wrote you with some request for clarifications, and I never heard back from you. Please fill me in as to how we can help promote each other in a Google-responsible way. Aloha and mahalo!

      Hawaiian Odysseus