Thursday, February 2, 2012


Metz 3-in-1 Grizzly/Olive Neck
(Hawaiian Odysseus Photo)

You're looking at a fly tyer's or hair extension stylist's dream source of feathers--a Metz #3 (or grade 3) 3-in-1 Grizzly/Olive Rooster Neck.

Metz has delivered fine quality products for fly tyers and fly fishermen all over the world.  Recent socio-cultural trends--most notably, the peaking popularity of utilizing feathers for hair extensions--has created a demand far exceeding adequate hackle supplies.

Our eBay business, LORDS OF THE FLY, is proud to bring to you this excellent 3-in-1 Grizzly/Olive Rooster Neck. No matter what your specific need might be, you will definitely make efficient usage of the feathers found on this wonderful neck.

What exactly does 3-in-1 mean? Well, the feathers near the top half of the neck are great for tying dry flies.  The feathers on the middle margins and tapering towards the center are wonderful for tying woolly buggers.  Finally, the feathers in the southern region are useful for tying streamers.

The photos above speaks volumes about the neck's quality.  We encourage our eBay buyers to secure additional information by asking questions.  We make it a point to answer your inquiries in a timely manner.

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USPS First Class Mail is utilized for either USA or international transactions.

We invite you to view and participate in our eBay store and auction listings. Aside from fly tying hackle such as the item above, we have an array of Dai-Riki and Daiichi fishing hooks, postcards, books, magazines, collectible knickknacks, and hundreds of vintage and contemporary ads, prints, and articles for your earnest consideration.

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