Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Looking Across Lake Union from Seattle's Gas Works Park
(Hawaiian Odysseus Photo)

Two days after Christmas finds me back in a favorite coffee shop in Walla Walla.  I was hoping to find some peace and quiet in a corner of this usually chill hangout spot.  

That's not going to  happen.  A long haired young man and his senior citizen friend are engaged in anti-Bush, Jr. sentiments and hints of a 9/11 conspiracy.  


The only conspiracy I'd have wanted to entertain myself with today is the dilemma involving the whys and wherefores of how calories around this time of year make more of an impression on the belt line.  Now that's fodder for conspiracy theorists.  

I'd mention it to these two local yokels, but--undoubtedly--they'd find a way to attribute such a conspiracy to the aforementioned Bush, Jr., and his cheney, Croney...uh, I mean,  his croney, Cheney.

Anyway, a nice thing did happen as soon as I turned my laptop on.  I found that there'd been a sale on my eBay account of a Metz #1 Magnum Grizzly Neck for $40.

  Metz #1 Magnum Grizzly Neck
(Hawaiian Odysseus Photo)

Traditionally, this item has principally been an integral material for fly tyers.  In recent times, however, a craze for chicken feathers (and those of other fowls) running rampant among females, mostly,  has put a huge dent in the supply of these materials as well as jacked up the prices for saddles--that part of a chicken's feathers near the rump area which usually consists of longer feathers.

Because I wasn't quick enough to invest in these saddles--which, incidentally, are selling like hotcakes online and for extraordinarily inflated prices--I've settled for Metz #1 Magnum Grizzly and Metz #3 3-In-1 Grizzly/Olive necks to sell on eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, and Yardsellr.  It took some creative marketing strategies and good descriptive writing, but these items have done respectably well for me and have helped keep my online business afloat.

So--narcissistic, loud-talking Starbucks customers aside--I am very thankful for the privilege of being my own boss, the freedom to sit in coffee shops and engage in my work while appearing to languish, for the wonderful eBay (and other online venue) customers who themselves have the most interesting backgrounds and stories, and for the fellow blog writers and readers who have visited Hawaiian Odysseus and Hawaiian Odysseus 2 this past year and reinforced my awe, motivation, and inspiration for online engagement.

Mayan calendars notwithstanding, I'm looking ahead to a very delightful and prosperous 2012.  I wish you the same!

Aloha and mahalo!

Hawaiian Odysseus

Hawaiian Odysseus
Visualization for 2012
(Photo Courtesy of SKA) 

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