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MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME is a personal finance or entrepreneurial concept bandied about by the money gurus for quite some time now.  

And while I like the way those words roll off my tongue and my eyeballs go CHA-CHING! CHA-CHING! I have to admit, my own multiple streams have been more like muddy irrigation ditches where the only thing moving besides the water is an occasional crayfish.  

Anyway, a man can dream, can't he?  And if there's one ingredient I have, it is PERSISTENCE!

To that end, then, and as has been alluded to with the tongue-in-cheek "Words from our Sponsor" posts in this and our sister blog, Hawaiian Odysseus 2, Hawaiian Odysseus has at least a second life maintaining auctions and a store presence on the world's greatest marketplace--eBay!

Just for fun, I wanted to share with you a new listing I put up today.  What follows are three of the images I used and the verbatim text of my listing.  (For your convenience, the auction link is located at the bottom of this post.)

Suffice it to say that there's been enough gloom and doom news in the mainstream media these past few days.  It prompted me to get into a different space today--a spring cleaning, as it were, or perhaps more appropriately, a summer overhaul of my gray matter doldrums.

Here, then, is my most recent auction listing on eBay:

Metz #1 Magnum Grizzly Neck
(Hawaiian Odysseus photos)


New In Package

Okay, here's the thing...I truly don't understand this current hair extension trend, and I won't insult your intelligence by pretending to be an expert about a field I know absolutely nothing about (except for having seen Steven Tyler with some grizzly feathers hanging near his ear).  

All I can tell you is that a whole bunch of fly tyers and fly fishermen are pretty disgruntled because they can't get their hands on any kind of quality feathers because the craftspeople are gobbling them up like crazy.

And to compound the problem, you've got these narcissistic politicians in Congress showboating when they ought to be representing the people, the result of which is a band aid fix for a huge problem that could have been effectively resolved had they listened to the urgent pleas of their constituents years ago.

So, I'm not going to baffle you with falsehoods.  Here's what I will do instead.

I'm going to tell you the truth.  I'm going to take a huge chance and list what I consider to be some primo grizzly necks for auction, starting at a price that's more sensible than a lot of what I'm currently seeing on the major auction sites.  In fact, I'm going to make it fun for you by starting it up at the ridiculous price of a Lincoln penny.

I will not lie to you and tell you that I got some capes in today for a cheap price.  I paid an arm and a leg for them to a very respectable dealership in Oregon.  The sales rep told me I got the last of these, and I believe him.  So I'm taking a huge chance here.  

But I think we all deserve some light moments in our lives during these anxious times.  Hey, it'll be great fun--you bidding and competing with others, my wife and me watching to see how things go.

I will do this for at least the first of these capes.  If things go well, I'll do it again with a second.  If things go bad, I'll do what everyone else is doing and list it at a stupidly high price and watch as day 7 comes and goes without one nibble.  

But, folks, why do that?  Come on, let's bring the glory days of eBay back--at least for a little while, if at all possible--and truly have a great time competitively and recreationally passing the time.  

One more bit of honesty.  

My primary target group is comprised of my fellow fly tyers--though retired from that wonderful occupation, I will never forgot the spectrum of agony and ecstasy, of cussing and oohing, until each dozen flies was tied to perfection.  That said, if any of the hair extension and jewelry craftsmen participate in this auction, God bless you, too.  The more the merrier!

So, without further ado, I'll let the pictures above and your working knowledge of feathers drive this vehicle.  

One last thing...there will be no returns.  I cannot afford, given the current economy AND fashion trend, to get back grizzly capes that have been partially plucked and/or damaged.  I'm taking enough risk as it is to provide a good time for everyone.  

Thank you very much, everyone!  
Bid heartily, and have yourselves a blast!

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