Sunday, June 12, 2011


Stinkhorn Mushroom
(Photo courtesy of Silas Kaumakahia Aqui)

Another UGO (unidentified growing object) siting in Wailua Homesteads on the island of Kauai makes today's blog headlines.

My brother, Charlie, found this particular oddity specimen growing just a foot away from the original one he'd seen a few weeks ago.  Here is the link for new readers to peruse and for other to review:

This clearly is a testament to Mother Nature's way of using the ants that were busily carrying on their transactions amidst the gooey secretions of the original stinkhorn to transport any adhering spores to another site.  

Among the faithful followers of Hawaiian Odysseus are several amateur mycologists (mushroom scientists).  It is our hope that you find these occasional blog posts about your favorite biological subject interesting and provocative additional incentive for finally making that trip to the jurassic Garden Island.

In closing, here's a closeup of  what Hawaiian Odysseus has dubbed, LITTLE BIG STINKHORN.

See, but don't smell!
(Photo courtesy of Silas Kaumakahia Aqui)

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